Living with Long Covid.

They call us ‘Long Covid Warriors’ dealing with these symptoms on a daily basis, I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t feel much like a warrior and I am definitely guilty of pasting that ‘smile’ on my face because I know other people just do not understand what we are going through.

I truly believe we need to know more about this illness which is affecting millions of people in the UK and it is estimated there are at least a 1,000 people here on the island living with it. Covid is not going away, which means Long Covid certainly isn’t going away any time soon, more and more people are being left with on-going symptoms which are affecting their lives and there is limited support available.

What is being done to help recovery so we can get back to some resemblance of a ‘normal’ life? What resource or support is available to help Long Covid sufferers who are unable to work? What information is being provided to workplaces and Employers, so they treat their employees in the correct way when dealing with this often invisible illness?

As per the most recent report by TUC and the UK Charity; Long Covid Support, two thirds of people have been treated unfairly at work and 1 in 7 were reported to have lost their job! I am actually not shocked by these figures to be honest and it is simply NOT acceptable and something needs to be done about it! There needs to be an all round better understanding and awareness of Long Covid and there also needs to be fairness and equality in the way you are treated in the workplace.

I hope this platform can become a positive place for us all to connect and support one another. A place not just for us, but also for our loved ones, friends, family, and those closest to us. Somewhere that can offer them information, support and understanding of what they are also going through, whilst trying to support us every day with Long Covid.

If there is a topic in particular you would like me to talk about or, a question you would like me to cover in the blog – I would love to hear from you, please just let me know by using the contact form below.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill